Photoshoot with Chaila on film

This was my second photoshoot with Chaila and my first shoot with my new Canon-1n.I’m pretty stoked about how these images turned out. I’ve been learning to develop film at home and I’m thrilled about the cool colors that I created in most of these images. The middle of the roll got a little messy and that can be from a number of different factors. There are so many ways to mess up film. But overall I’m very satisfied with this project and I have a digital set of images coming soon too! This was shot on Fuji 400s.

Chaila and I had a great time creating together and had fun with this hot rod. Fun story, while we were out shooting the owner of the car came out to hose of his driveway to watch our shenanigans and probably protect his car too. After meeting him and chatting him up he offered us free use of his porches, he owned several properties, then unlocked and rolled down the window of his Mustang. Of course we took advantage of the open opportunity. Chaila is confident and just rolls through the shoot with her badass energy. It’s a cake walk. This shoot was great and I see us creating even more powerful images together in the future.