Sunflower Festival in Gilliam, LA

I drove to Northern, LA to visit my Dad for father’s day and his upcoming 60th birthday. We planned this trip around the sunflower festival in Gilliam because we’re nature lovers.

I’m always in search of nature’s magic.

It’s a fantastic feeling to wander through a field of sunflowers. They stretch high reaching for the sky and keep you hidden beneath their big yellow heads. As you walk through they are dusting you with their pollen. The bees are buzzing past your ear. And the sun is bursting high above. Thousands of sunflowers in one field and they are all unique; each one at a different stage, a different beauty, a different shade, just bent slightly different than its neighbor. Then you are mezmorized when you spot that sunflower, the one fully bloomed with its spirals, it’s mind blowing, the fibonacci spiral. These flowers are trying to tell us something. Everyone is coming out of the field carrying huge sunflowers to bring home to lust over their beauty.